Why we should worry about our beloved cup of coffee!

Waarom we ons zorgen moeten maken over ons geliefde bakkie Koffie!

La Roya's Serious Threat: How Conscious Coffee Choices Can Make a Difference!

Today, Algemeen Dagblad wrote a worrying article entitled "Why we should worry about our beloved cup of coffee" . The focus of the article is on the increasing threat of La Roya, or coffee rust, and how this disease is increasingly disrupting coffee plantations. Let's dig into this in more detail:

Coffee plant affected by La RoyaNasty Coffee Rust

What exactly is La Roya (Coffee Rust)?

La Roya is a fungal disease that affects the leaves of coffee plants. It causes rust-colored spots on the leaves, causing the plant to lose its ability to perform photosynthesis. This leads to reduced yield and can ultimately cause death of the plant.


The disease has historically caused significant damage to coffee plantations, especially in Central and South America. Controlling the disease can be challenging and often requires the use of fungicides or planting resistant varieties.

How can coffee drinkers help?

  • Buy Sustainable Coffee : Look for coffee that is certified organic or Direct Trade. These certifications can mean that coffee farmers are using sustainable agricultural practices, including measures to combat La Roya;
  • Support Local Farmers & Coffee Roasters: If you can, buy coffee directly from small farmers who use sustainable practices. Most people do not have that option, so it is wise to buy quality coffee from a local coffee roaster or from a roaster who is passionate about his product. These experts can explain the various properties of the coffee beans and the origin of the bean;
  • Education and Awareness: Learn about the challenges faced by coffee farmers, including La Roya, and share this knowledge with others.

Although the direct impact of individual consumers appears to be limited, a collective effort to purchase and support sustainable and responsible coffee can make a real difference in the fight against La Roya and other challenges in the coffee industry.

Healthy coffee plantHealthy coffee plant with healthy coffee bean


The threat from La Roya is real and has already caused a lot of damage to the coffee industry. By making conscious choices when purchasing coffee beans, we can contribute to the fight against this disease and support the sustainability of the coffee industry. It's time to combine our love for coffee with responsibility and action.

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