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Dark Desire: The Latest Espresso Blend from Fancy Beans

Espresso Blend Dark Desire: A Masterpiece of Intensity and Refinement

We are very proud to introduce our newest coffee blend: Dark Desire . This espresso blend is a masterpiece of intensity and refinement, specially formulated for the true espresso lover. It is a coffee that continues to fascinate you with its deep flavors and invites you to enjoy it every time.

Espresso Blend Dark Desire

Special Introduction during our Cheers & Roast Event

We are excited to announce that the Dark Desire will be officially introduced during our exclusive Port & Coffee Tasting on Friday September 1st. During this exclusive event, the Dark Desire (and all our other coffees) can be purchased at a reduced rate with a €1.50 discount.

From Saturday September 2, this special blend will also be available for sale in our webshop for only €26 or via a monthly subscription for €24.50. Use discount code: loyaltymember

Our other Specialty coffee blends such as the Smooth Operator and El Patrón are now also available for a €1.50 discount when purchasing a monthly subscription (can be canceled monthly).

The Composition of Dark Desire

The Dark Desire consists of four "Direct Trade" coffee beans, each with its own story and character:

1. Brazil: Capricornio - São Jerônimo da Serra – Honey Process

  • Height : 750 - 1,200 meters
  • Aroma : Honey and Fruit
  • Variety : Arabica: Yellow Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Obatã
  • Taste : Sweet with notes of honey
  • Production method : Honey Process
  • Body : Medium to full

Explanation : This bean represents the power of cooperation and independence. Despite the challenges of a large cooperative, farmers like Bispo and Luiz have chosen to sell their coffee independently, resulting in a bean full of character and flavor.

Brazilian coffee

2. Brazil: Capricornio - Fazenda California – Natural Process

  • Height : 750 - 1,200 meters
  • Aroma : Chocolate and Fruit
  • Variety : Arabica: Yellow Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Obatã
  • Taste : Rich chocolate notes with hints of caramel
  • Production method : Natural Process
  • Body : Full and rich

Explanation : This coffee tells a story of innovation and perseverance. Once a sugar cane plantation, the farm is now an example of sustainable agriculture and coffee growing, thanks to the vision and passion of Luiz and his wife Flavia.

Brazilian coffee beans 2

3. Brazil: Capricornio - Fazenda Fronteira – Natural Process

  • Height : 1350 meters
  • Aroma : Fruity and Floral
  • Variety : Yellow Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Obatã, Yellow Bourbon
  • Taste : Fresh notes with hints of banana
  • Production method : Natural Process
  • Body : Medium

Explanation : Ellen Fontana, a fifth-generation coffee grower, has made a positive impact in her region with her minimal intervention approach. Her commitment to the environment and community is inspiring, and her coffee reflects this care and attention.

Capricornio Brazil

4. India: Srirangalli Community Lot – Washed Robusta

  • Altitude : 1200 - 1400 meters
  • Aroma : Earthy and Spicy
  • Variety : Robusta
  • Taste : Strong and intense with a hint of spice
  • Production method : Washed
  • Body : Full and powerful

Explanation : This robusta bean from India adds a unique depth to the blend. The community of Srirangalli is central to the growing and processing of this bean, resulting in a coffee that is both rich and community-focused.

Brazilian coffee beans


The Dark Desire is not just an espresso blend. It is a carefully composed symphony of flavors that is perfect for the true coffee lover. Whether you're looking for a powerful shot to start your day or a sophisticated coffee to enjoy in the afternoon, the Dark Desire has you covered. Because this blend has a very powerful body, it is ideal for milk coffees and fully automatic coffee machines.

It is the result of our passion and dedication for coffee and we are sure you will taste the craftsmanship in every sip. Try it yourself and discover why we are so excited about our new addition: The Dark Desire.

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