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Maandelijks Koffie Abonnement
Fancy Beans Coffee Subscription: For Real Coffee Lovers

From now on you can purchase a monthly coffee subscription from us. Especially for real coffee lovers.

This is all you need to know:

  1. Specialty Coffee Especially for You : At Fancy Beans you only get the best of the best. We offer Specialty coffee with a cupping rate of 80+ (on a scale of 0-100). This means that you always enjoy the highest quality, which makes us quite unique on the business market. And the best part? Although we focus on the business market, all coffee lovers are welcome. You can take out a subscription from 1kg of coffee!
  2. Unique Blends to Enjoy : Discover our three delicious blends: the 'Smooth Operator', the 'El Patrón' and the 'Dark Desire'. Each blend has its own unique taste.
  3. Flexibility on Your Terms : At Fancy Beans you are not tied to long, annoying contracts. You can cancel or pause your subscription every month. Handy if you have enough coffee at home or if you are going on holiday.
  4. Rewards for Your Loyalty : As a loyal customer you deserve the best. That is why you receive a €1.50 discount per kilo of coffee when you purchase a monthly subscription. Use discount code: " loyaltymember" at checkout.
  5. Always Fresh and Stylishly Packaged : Your coffee is delivered in chic, sealable packaging. Perfect to guarantee freshness.
  6. A Special Gift for You : Register as one of the first ten and receive a free Fancy Beans Tight Vac worth €18.95. Check it out here .
  7. Guaranteed Quality : Our packaging is specially designed to keep your coffee fresh, thanks to our oxygen filter.
  8. Your Subscription, Your Choice : Decide which coffee you want and how much you need. It's simple and flexible.
  9. Working Together for a Sustainable Future : We work with Direct Trade Coffee Beans where the farmer receives a fair price for his coffee. In addition, we have automated processes to prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions, such as visiting every 2-4 weeks with a delivery van. In addition, we appreciate any form of feedback because it helps us to work even better and more sustainably.
  10. Trusted by Many : In just three months, we received 28 positive reviews from 60 orders. A sign that you are in good hands with us.
Coffee subscription
Coffee subscription Fancy Beans
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