How do we make our exclusive coffee blends

Hoe maken wij onze exclusieve koffieblends

I'm Stefan Jacobs , the driving force behind Fancy Beans, and I'd like to tell you a little bit more about the magic that happens when making our exclusive coffee blends. Read on to find out how our unique blend creation process sets us apart in the coffee industry.


For every blend we create, we invest at least 60 hours in its careful composition. This time is essential to develop the refined flavors and textures, where each coffee bean enhances the others - a crucial and complex aspect of our process of crafting the perfect blend.

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It's not enough for two coffee beans to be individually flavorful; they must also complement each other. A perfect blend is often underestimated. Take, for example, a Single Origin coffee bean with a cup rating of 80+, which means that it can carry the qualification 'Specialty Coffee'. This bean can be deliciously fruity, but may lack the sweetness, creaminess, or strong body that other coffee beans have.

By carefully selecting and combining beans that complement these properties, we ensure that our blends are harmonious and balanced. This creates a coffee experience that is rich and complete, rather than one-sided.

We currently have two unique blends that we are particularly proud of: the Smooth Operator , our House blend, and El Patrón , our Premium blend. These blends are the result of intensive analyzes and cupping sessions (tastings).

The process starts when roasting green beans on my Aillio Bullet R1 V2 (1kg burner). These are of course only "Direct Trade" coffee beans, guaranteeing the best quality and ethical sourcing. After testing about 20 different coffee beans, I select 4 to 8 beans that have the potential to become the next Fancy Beans blend.

Then I will further analyze these 4 to 8 beans together with a coffee connoisseur. Together we spend a lot of time and attention discussing the proposed flavor profile and creating an exceptional blend.


When the blend meets our standards, I then get to work with Arnoud, an experienced roaster at Het Hoofdkwartier in Amstelveen. We work closely together to determine the roasting profile, so that it perfectly matches the characteristics of the selected coffee beans and contributes to the final result.

High Quality Coffee Beans

At Fancy Beans we are committed to sustainable quality coffee and of course unique taste experiences. Have you become curious about how our coffee tastes? We have various sample packs so that you can decide for yourself which flavor you like the most and of course for a fair price. We look forward to introducing you to the rich flavors and aromas that make our coffee so special.

Thank you for reading our news article, I enjoy sharing knowledge & experiences with other people about good and honest coffee.

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