How Can You Best Store Coffee?

Hoe Kan Je Koffie Het Beste Bewaren?
Storing Coffee: How Do You Do It Best? | Fancy Beans

What is the best way to store coffee?

Coffee is an indispensable part of the daily routine for many. The smell, the taste, and even the texture play a role in the overall experience. But did you know that the way you store coffee is just as important as the way you brew it?

In this news article we tell you what you need to know about storing coffee to get that delicious fresh cup of coffee every time.

Three Ways to Store Coffee

  1. In the Coffee Bag with a Closing Strip: Many coffee lovers keep their beans in the original packaging. While this is convenient, it can lead to a faster loss of flavor and aroma.
  2. An Airtight Packaging: This is a step further than the original packaging. It keeps air and moisture out, but it cannot completely remove them from the package. This can cause the coffee to lose its freshness and taste sooner.
  3. Vacuum packaging: The most effective method for preserving the taste and freshness of coffee. By creating a vacuum, air and moisture are largely removed, which preserves the quality of the beans for longer.

Why Vacuum Packaging Is So Much Better?

1. Reduced Humidity and Oxygen Levels:

  • Vacuum packaging: Preserves the freshness, quality and pleasant aromas of the coffee beans.
  • Airtight Packaging: Cannot remove moisture and oxygen, causing freshness to be lost sooner.

2. Protection against Insects:

  • Vacuum packaging: Gives insects no chance, thanks to the vacuum seal.
  • Airtight Packaging: Can't always keep smaller insects out.

3. Lifespan of Products:

  • Vacuum packaging: Keeps the beans good for up to a year, although we recommend a maximum storage period of 3 months for optimal quality. For example, because you now buy 1kg bags instead of twice half a kilogram, this choice is both economically and ecologically advantageous, by saving packaging and money. Because 1 kilogram of coffee is usually a lot cheaper than twice half a kilogram of coffee.

Ten Good Tips for Storing Coffee:

1. Avoid the Refrigerator: The refrigerator is not an ideal place to store coffee. The coffee can absorb odors and flavors from other foods and cause condensation.

2. Use an Opaque Container: Light can degrade the coffee beans. So store them in a container that does not let in light.

3. Optimize Your Purchases: Consider buying coffee in kilo bags instead of half kilo bags, this makes a significant difference in costs and reduces packaging material. By vacuum packaging the coffee, you can enjoy quality coffee for longer once the bag is opened, so by purchasing for 4 to 6 weeks you also save on shipping costs

4. Keep Away From Strong Odors: Do not store coffee near foods with strong odors. Coffee beans can easily absorb odors.

5. Use a Clean Container: Make sure the container you use to store your coffee is clean and dry. Old coffee residue can affect the freshness of new coffee.

6. Grind at the Last Moment: Whole beans retain their flavor longer than ground coffee. Grind the beans just before brewing for the best flavor and aroma.

7. Pay attention to the roast date: The roast date is important for the quality of the coffee. Ideally, this should be longer than a week to allow the gases to escape from the coffee beans and up to about 12 weeks to maintain optimal freshness and flavor.

8. Try Vacuum Packaging for Longer Storage: If you want to store coffee for a longer period of time, consider vacuum packaging. It removes air and moisture and helps preserve flavor.

9. Buy from a Local Coffee Roaster or an Expert: Invest in quality coffee by buying from a local coffee roaster or from a roaster who is passionate about their product. These experts can explain the various properties of the coffee beans, the washing methods, origin of the bean, and coffee roasting. Cheap coffee (usually coffee under twenty euros) often compromises on taste and quality. If you buy poor quality coffee, there is little point in storing it properly, because the coffee doesn't taste good anyway.

10. Consider Two Storage Tins: If you like to alternate between different types of coffee (like myself) consider purchasing two storage tins. This way you can enjoy different coffee flavors without the quality deteriorating, which was previously a problem if you had opened several coffee bags.

Whether you're new to the world of coffee or have been enjoying this delicious beverage for years, these guidelines will help you get the most out of your coffee experience.


Vacuum packaging clearly emerges as the best choice for storing your coffee beans.

If you are looking for a solution for storing your coffee beans, we have a suitable option at Fancy Beans. Our Fancy Beans Tightvac is ideal if, for example, you buy 1kg of coffee and only place part of it in the bean container. This packaging can keep the remaining coffee beans fresh for a long time, even if you go on vacation for a few weeks or want to take the coffee beans with you. The Fancy Beans Tightvac has a storage capacity of 900 grams of coffee beans and is available for only €18.95.

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