Financial Lease for your Coffee Machine

Financial Lease voor jouw Koffiemachine
Financial Lease for Coffee Machines | Fancy Beans

What is Financial Lease?

Financial lease is a form of financing in which the leasing company purchases the coffee machine and rents it to the customer for a fixed term. During this period the customer pays monthly installments, and at the end of the lease period the machine becomes the customer's sole property.

Why Entrepreneurs Choose Financial Lease?

  1. Ownership : The machine becomes your property at the end of the lease period.
  2. Flexibility : Choose a term that suits your company, for example 60 months, which is also the accounting depreciation period.
  3. Investment deduction : If you invest more than €2,601 in one full year, you are eligible for the small-scale investment deduction (KIA) in the Netherlands. For the year 2023, the amount must be between €2,601 and €353,973.
Coffee machine with fresh coffee beans

Financial Lease for your Coffee Machine

Running a business comes with financial challenges, and an unexpected dip in liquidity can happen to any entrepreneur. In such a situation, financial leasing offers a healthy and sensible financing solution.

By opting for financial lease on our coffee machines, the machine itself serves as a guarantee. This allows you as an entrepreneur to maintain your liquidity and invest in the growth and development of the company.

Are you interested in this option or do you just want some more information? Stefan is ready for you. He will guide you through the financial lease application completely free of charge and ensure a smooth and efficient process with his financial expertise.

Whether you have a small team or a large office, our coffee machines are designed to meet your needs. We see financial leasing as an extra service to support you in your entrepreneurship.

Office 100H coffee machine

Our offer:

  • Dr. Coffee Office 11 : Suitable for offices with 5 to 35 FTEs. Sales price: €2,000 excl. VAT. Financial lease: from €40 per month.
  • Dr. Coffee 100H : Suitable for offices with 20 to 70 FTEs. Sales price: €3,850 excl. VAT. Financial lease: from €83 per month
  • Both machines will be installed and adjusted to size completely free of charge in the months of August and September.

For more information or to start an application, you can reach Stefan by email at or by telephone: 06-27423905

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