Fancy Beans proudly receives the WebwinkelKeur quality mark!

Fancy Beans ontvangt met trots het WebwinkelKeur-keurmerk!
WebwinkelKeur quality mark - Fancy Beans

WebwinkelKeur quality mark at Fancy Beans

We have fantastic news! Fancy Beans has now received the WebwinkelKeur quality mark.

This is an important milestone that underlines our continued commitment to excellence in both our coffee and our service.

What does this mean for you?

The WebwinkelKeur quality mark is a symbol of reliability and safety. This means that you can shop with us with complete confidence, knowing that we meet the strict standards of WebwinkelKeur. This quality mark confirms our commitment to fair trade, customer satisfaction and transparency.

The added value of the WebwinkelKeur quality mark.

WebwinkelKeur is the largest quality mark in the Netherlands that offers more than just a logo. It is a community committed to transparency and security in e-commerce. By wearing this quality mark, we show that we are a reliable and safe online store. The quality mark offers you as a customer legal certainty. In addition, it offers an independent dispute resolution committee, which means that if there is ever a problem, you can count on a fair and impartial solution.

With our online store with the Webshop Quality Mark you can be assured that:

  • Address details have been checked;
  • Contact information such as email, Chamber of Commerce and address are easy to find;
  • You can use your 14 day reflection period without any problems;
  • You have your money back within 14 days after return;
  • Prices are clearly stated;
  • You can share and view real reviews about the webshop.
  • The webshop has agreed to the WebwinkelKeur code of conduct.

More than just a quality mark

WebwinkelKeur is more than just a quality mark. It also offers an extensive review system, which allows us to collect and use your feedback to improve our products and services. Your opinion is important to us, and this system allows us to hear from you directly. Click on the banner below to view our quality mark.

Online store quality mark Fancy Beans Enschede

Our promise to you

With this quality mark we promise you not only quality coffee, but also quality service. We are committed to delivering a seamless shopping experience, from the moment you visit our website to the moment you enjoy your cup of Fancy Beans coffee.

Recognition WebwinkelKeur

Always check whether an online store is actually affiliated with WebwinkelKeur. Each member has a quality mark that, after clicking on the logo, refers to the page with address details on WebwinkelKeur, check this information carefully. Always check the authenticity of the quality mark for recent customer experiences and reliability.

Fancy Beans Webshop quality mark
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