Berry to Espresso: The Process of Coffee Production

Bes tot Espresso: Het Proces van Koffieproductie

Coffee, a drink loved worldwide, begins its journey in a surprising way. What many people don't know is that coffee beans are actually the seeds of a berry that grows on the coffee plant. These berries undergo a fascinating process before they end up in our cups.

  1. The Coffee Berry

    After about 3 to 4 years, coffee plants begin to bear fruit. These coffee cherries change color when they are ripe, a signal that they are ready for harvest.

    Coffee berry
  2. The Ideal Plantation

    Coffee plants grow best in the tropical belt around the equator, especially at higher elevations. This altitude and temperate climate provide ideal conditions for coffee plants to thrive, resulting in richer and more complex flavor profiles of the beans.

    Coffee plant
  3. The harvesting

    Depending on the region and the type of coffee, the berries are often picked by hand. With Specialty coffee, only the ripe berries are selected to guarantee the best quality.

  4. Processing methods

    The picked berries are processed via the dry or wet method. The dry method allows the berries to dry in the sun, while the wet method removes the pulp from the coffee cherry and leaves the bean to dry.

    Drying coffee
  5. The Drying

    After processing, the beans must be dried until an optimal moisture content is reached.

  6. Quality control

    Before being exported, the beans are shelled and sorted. For Specialty coffee, the quality is tested by Q-graders on the plantation.

    Green coffee beans
  7. The Burning

    This is where the magic happens. During roasting, the green beans transform into the delicious aromatic brown beans we know. This process largely determines the taste of the coffee.

    Coffee roaster
  8. The Milling

    Depending on the brewing method, the beans are ground coarsely or finely. This also affects the taste of coffee.

    Roasted coffee beans
  9. To make

    Finally, the ground coffee is brewed, where different methods can be used to create the ideal cup of coffee.

    Business Coffee Machine with Beans
  10. Coffee machine

    The final step in the coffee journey is the choice of coffee machine. We opted for the fully automatic coffee machines from Dr. Coffee because this coffee machine distinguishes itself with a pre-infusion process, in which the ground coffee first comes into brief contact with hot water before it is pressed into an espresso or, for example, a lungo. This is known as the blooming phase. Unlike standard machines that you can find on the private market (for example at the Mediamarkt) with a 9-gram portafilter, the Dr. Coffee machine has a 16-gram portafilter, which contributes to a fuller taste. These advanced machines, which brew a cup of coffee in just 30 to 35 seconds, are a favorite of ours and highlight their commitment to quality and efficiency in coffee preparation.

    Business espresso machine Dr. Coffee
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